Seaspiracy: the danger of putting all fishers in the same boat

“There is no such thing as sustainable fishing” “There are no sustainable fishers” “Fishers are worse than serial killers” Social media responses to seaspiracy These are just some of the responses I have seen on social media over the last week in response to the release of the documentary Seaspiracy on Netflix. The show hasContinue reading “Seaspiracy: the danger of putting all fishers in the same boat”

Marine protection or government deception?

UPDATE: a few hours before the release of this the government announced that they are actually going to actually ban bottom trawling in 14,000sqkm of U.K. waters, including Dogger Bank which is referred to in this piece. This is an excellent step forward and a lot of work has gone into making that happen butContinue reading “Marine protection or government deception?”